The OFT Groups Business Development team support our partners and members to extend their collective product and service value chains within our Group to directly benefit our clients.

We, as a collective, have access to a diverse range of Global technology agreements, sales and service partners, and their associated client and OEM supplier networks.

This allows us to rapidly gather the intelligence we require to evaluate and drive any new innovation, system or product required to give our clients the edge they need. 


OFT Incubator Program

We attempt to aid our budding entrepreneurs to enter the industry based on receiving a Digital Business Proposal which aligns with our Groups activities and Business Strategy for consideration by our OFT Business development team

Our Group members contribute annually to our MOC Foundation Development Investment Fund and we invite individuals to consider submitting proposals for consideration directly off our website.

Once vetted, succesful proposals received may trigger a Seed Capital loan, Partnership proposal, Mentorship or development program.

Please note that the deadline for 2019 submissions is recorded at the end of November 2018.




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