The OFT Groups Business Development team support our partners and members to extend their collective product and service value chains within our Group to directly benefit our clients.

We, as a collective, have access to a diverse range of Global technology agreements, sales and service partners, and their associated client and OEM supplier networks.

This allows us to rapidly gather the intelligence we require to evaluate and drive any new innovation, system or product required to give our clients the edge they need. 

Business Incubation Activity

Most of our projects concluded to date can be viewed on our OFT Group website and include, among others, the development, incubation and subsequent commercialization of:

Marine Manufacturing,

Diesel Generator Assembly Plant

HVAC and Refrigeration Works,

Specialized Engineering Services.

OFT Incubator Program

OFT Holdings vision has achieved substantial growth through investment in its people and assisting our clients by co-ordinating designing, developing and procuring off our Groups collective Product Supply and Service capabilities in over 15 African Countries. 

We attempt to aid our various budding entrepreneurs to enter the industry based on receiving a digital Business Proposal for consideration by our OFT Business development team. 

Should you wish to be considered please complete a basic concept proposal covering the following items for consideration by our Business Development team.

1. What is the name of your existing or proposed business
2. Define your company’s guiding principle
3. Describe the current problem in the market you are trying to alleviate
4. At what stage of development is your business
5. What is the legal structure of your business
6. Describe your business concept in 1 Sentence (Your Pitch)
7. When did the business Start or when would you want to be operational
8. Which industry does your business operate in
9. Clearly define your target market
10. Are there competitors in this space, list these competitors
11. How will you differentiate yourself from these competitors

Forward your proposal by means of e-mail to Charles Lumsden for consideration.

Once vetted, succesful proposals received may trigger a Seed Capital loan, Partnership proposal, Mentorship or development program.

Please note that the deadline for 2018 submissions will closes at the end of November 2017.




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